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Order Cancellations and Changes

Horstflowers.com’s cancellation policy is no cancellations will be accepted within 10 business days of scheduled order date and there is a 15% surcharge for all cancelled orders. Cancellation requests within 10 business days of your delivery date will not be accepted.

To cancel an order, you can either send us an email to orders@horstflowers.com with the subject heading CANCEL ORDER # (include your order number) in the body of the email include what you want to cancel or call us at (843) 556-5151. Either way, we will need to speak with the person who placed the order over the phone to confirm.

If you would like to change your flower order, please contact us 7 days prior to scheduled delivery date. We might not be able to make changes to an order without sufficient notice. On special orders, you are obligated to take all the flowers you order. We get them in at your request for you, not for us.

We are not responsible for any orders that are not picked up for any reason and no credits or refunds will be granted.

Credits and Returns

If you are not satisfied with your flower order, please call Horst Wholesale Florist of Charleston, SC, Inc. IMMEDIATELY. All complains and returns must be communicated verbally within 24 hours of receipt of the product. Please make sure to specify the Invoice number and return all the product (For quality inspection) otherwise your claim will not be accepted and no refund will be granted. In some cases in order to accept your claim we will request digital pictures as well. We do not guarantee color tone matches. Flowers are a natural product and vary in color from season to season.

Credit Notes or Refunds will be granted for the amount of the purchased product only.

We recommend to all our customers that they or a representative be present at the time of pickup or any delivery. It is the customer's responsibility to handle flowers properly. Horst Wholesale Florist of Charleston, SC, Inc will not be responsible for improperly processed or stored flowers, frozen flowers, stolen product, damaged flowers as a result of bad weather conditions, temperature extremes excessive (heat and cold), damages during customer transportation, damaged product caused by the customer not being present at the time of delivery or delays as a result of Customs and Agricultural inspections.

Please make sure to read carefully through Flowers Care Tips.

Our hard goods (non-fresh flower merchandise) has a 30 day return policy with the requirements that it is returned with the invoice, that it is not damaged in any way, not been opened, and not been used in any way.